M2, M3, M roadster…..wait…What does M stand for ?

Before the 1970´s the world did not have the privilege to ride a vehicle that churned hundreds of horsepower under its hood and still had the finest of leathers cocooning its driver. Well, this incompleteness in the automobile industry got the nerves of some pioneers in this industry, the BMW M Gmbh. Started in 1972 and having conquered the racing industry, set their eyes on the luxury sector for the public by bridging this gap.

A part of the German car manufacturer BMW AG, the BMW M vroomed into the luxury sector by giving an uplift to the original BMW vehicles by modifying the engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior trims, aerodynamics and exterior modifications to cater to those “Common , faster , faster “ side of yours even when driving at 100mph.  All the M models are tested in the legendary Nürburgring racing circuit in Germany.


The first M-badged Fahrzeug (vehicle in German) that was introduced to the public was the M1. With the instant success of this powerful beast, rest was history. Except for the Z1, 7 Series flagship luxury sedan and the X1 and X3 compact crossover SUVs every other BMW luxury car got its dose of adrenaline rush from the M team.  Although there doesn’t exist a formal M-badged 7 Series, an informal M version of the 7 series was created in the name of Alpina B7 by the auto tuner Alpina.BMW M kept itself away from turbocharged and supercharged vehicles and always believed only in naturally aspirated engines till 2010 ( turbocharged , super….blah blah, what are they? Well, wait for my next post) But when your competitors like Mercedes-AMG or Audi thrive in turbocharged and supercharged engines all their life, you can’t help but shift gears and leave behind your rusted naturally aspirated boxes. Before the X5 M and X6 M, the team dwelled in manuals and semi-automatic transmissions. But since these don’t blend well with the Xdrive so they had to level up to the automatic transmission, a 6-speed Steptronic unit.

Wait, not all cars that BMW M laid their hands on becomes an M-badged car. Ones that are just modified by the M team will feature an M but the fully modified offsprings will carry an M and their model number next to them. But, there are exceptions. The M Roadster and M Coupe which are fully modifies M cars of the Z3, Z4 and 1-series variants despite not following the nomenclature.

Now for some mind-boggling numbers that could make you insane unless you are a car fanatic like me. Current Full M cars:

M2 – F87 Coupe

M3 – F80 Sedan

M4 – F82 Coupe, F83 Cabriolet

M5 – F10 Sedan

M6 – F12 Cabriolet, F13 Coupe

X5 M – F85

X6M – F86

Too many numbers huh? Let’s cut some slack shall we.

Stay tuned for my next post …Cheers !!



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