Don’t just Drive it, Live it !

Driving is a pleasure that one can’t experience through any other means. Well, this blog is my attempt at reaching out to the audience to help them choose what to drive. Through this medium, I would like to cater to car enthusiasts ranging from petrol heads to pure electric roadies.

Choosing a car is like choosing your life partner, in fact, demands more attention than the latter. It helps you cope up with a bad day, a failure or to share those happy moments of your life or just a drive when you are bored, basically satisfies you anytime and anywhere except in your bed.

Thank you is an understatement, but if given a chance I would like to have a cup of coffee with every reader of this blog. Every second the reader spends in this blog is an immeasurable amount of encouragement to this budding blogger. I can’t wait to take you guys under my umbrella for a walk through the rain of ideas until you drench yourself in my writing.

Cheers, have a nice read!!



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